August 25, 2016


We are currently accepting clients who live in Orange County, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Email us at to see if you qualify for an in-person meeting with Katy, Melissa or Erica. We are a very small team of Matchmakers, our clients are not handed off to staff once we decide to work together.

How do you match your paying clients?

Our matchmakers pair our paying clients with whoever they think will be the best match. Which means they could be paid clients, free members in our database, or even acquaintances of our matchmaker’s. Our pool of potential matches is extremely large.

We pre-screen all potential dates in-person to ensure they are aligned with our client’s values, beliefs, interests, and life goals. The result: less time wasted, better dates.

After each date, our matchmaker pow-wows with each party to learn what may have gone wrong, and provide pointers for future moves.

If you are living in Orange County, Los Angeles or the Bay area, contact us today to sit down with one of out matchmakers. We are a small company, which means you will not be working with any other staff but our matchmakers Melissa, Erica or Katy.

To contact Melissa, Erica, and Katy today, email us at to schedule a phone call and an in-person meeting. At Cinqe Matchmaking, we work very similar to an executive search firm. We are a “Private Headhunter”, endlessly networking and recruiting for our clients, who deserve the best.


Complimentary Membership
Find Love, Join Today
You will be submitted to our Network and our Matchmakers will find you a potential match within our existing client pool
Complimentary event ticket
Confidential profile
We review every profile and take into account your deal breakers in a match
If we feel you are a fit for any of our paying clients, we will email or call you to set up a time to meet with us for free
Let our matchmakers guide you through the safe and easy process of introducing you with the right match
We do not use any of your information for promotion of our company
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3-12 Months
Unlimited Dating
Unlimited hand-picked matches within the parameters outlined (Email for details)
Work closely with our team
Personalized attention to ensure we introduce you to your ideal match
We will help you craft the perfect bio and then present you to our Network
You will see profiles of prospective matches one at a time only after they have agreed to release their information and have agreeed to go on a date with you
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