Why I Hired a Professional Matchmaker

“My schedule made dating challenging, so I finally sought the help of humans, not apps.” – Shannon Miller

“Time is my most valuable asset, and I’m not about to let anybody waste any of it with vague intentions and “gray area” relationships. I’m a straight, no-chaser kind of gal and I appreciate that trait in a man as well.” – Jai Stone

“I loved the idea of putting myself into a matchmaker’s hands after all the futility of trying to do it by myself.”- Mr. Cummings




Please enter your contact information below to schedule a time to chat with our team. Working with Cinqe Matchmakers is an effective, and truly extraordinary experience. You’ll be personally matched by Certified Matchmakers Melissa Lapchuk, Erica Arrechea and Katy Clark. Our method involves thoroughly getting to know you, and having a full understanding of your wants and needs.




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