May 2, 2023
Matchmaking in Dubai
To put it simply, yes, matchmaking services are legal in Dubai.   There are a couple of things you’d want to bear in mind in order to not get penalized. As an example, it would be best to be discreet with public displays of affection or when dating publicly. Read more about the rules and...
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Rachel London cinqe matchmaking
The initial stages of a relationship can be confusing, especially when trying to figure out if you’re truly attracted to someone. While some individuals experience an instant attraction, others may be uncertain and wonder how long it takes to develop attraction. According to Laren Narapareddy, Ph.D., a scientist at Emory University and relationship coach, it’s...
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    “Can you tell me more?” The answer is extremely simple, complete a private application and we will contact you if we have a match for you.   Here are the steps for joining and the process expected when you are accepted as a member:   1. Women join here, Men join here. The...
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