49 yr old Billionaire, Owner of Major Sports Team

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Our newest bachelor we are seeking matches for is an extremely high-profile and a well known public figure.


Due to confidentiality, we can only share the details of what this bachelor is seeking:

-You must be ok being photographed and being in the public eye

-This bachelor has grown children and he not seeking to have more children

-You must be OK with dogs, big or small

-You must be fit! This bachelor see’s a trainer everyday and his physic is considered on the “buff” side

-He is non political and non religious

-Huge plus if you love guitars and 60s music!

-He will fly anywhere in the world to find the perfect match for him


Do you feel like you could be a match, please email [email protected] with your photos and bio. We will contact you should you be a match for our VIP bachelor.