6 Things I’ve Learned From People After Five Years Of Being A Successful Matchmaker

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In the matchmaking profession, you meet an array of colorful characters everyday. People of different backgrounds, careers, likes, dislikes, the whole nine. If you’re truly dedicated to being successful, you make the effort to learn something new everyday and I’m STILL learning. Here are 6 things I’ve learned after five years of leading people to love.



  • Men are ONLY Visual.


This is just a blatant truth that some of my women clients struggle to believe. For men, they cannot even consider a connection, based on personality or common interests if there is no immediate physical attraction from the get-go. This is why Good quality photos are a MUST on your dating profile.


  • Be Prepared On The First Date


Take the time to put effort into your date. Call to make the reservation, arrive early to ensure there’s no issues with parking, make sure you’re not taking your date to a steak and lobster restaurant when they’re allergic to seafood and are vegetarian. Go that extra mile. I’d also recommend sitting side by side with your date because it’s easier to converse that way. I know we’re used to sitting across from each other, though that creates distance. And distance creates an awkward first date.


  • Early Relationship Commitment Is A Huge No-No.


Don’t feel obligated to settle down with the first person you’re sent out on a date with. Take the time to get to know one another on more than just a surface level. Rushing into relationships is always a definite way to end up with your heart broken since you didn’t give each other enough time to truly settle in with one another. Love at first sight is often disguised as lust at first sight. True love takes time, so let it.


  • Communication Is VERY Important  


Don’t allow a generous time gap to pass between when you call and text your date before and following your time out together. One of the unique things about Cinqe is that we handle the first call for you. We’re hands-on in seeing that the first date happens and that good communication is a regular thing between you and your match. Someone who is ideal for you could believe you’re no longer interested because you waited a few days after your first date to call them again. Start off on the right foot and make communication key.


  • Be True To The Type Of Relationship You Really Want


Don’t lie and say you want to get married and have kids in 5 years, when in reality you just want to hang out with someone who’s cute and interesting. It’ll save your matchmaker’s time, your potential matches’ time, and your own time if you enter the matchmaking process with a clear, confident basis of what you’re looking for in a relationship.


  • Be Conscious Of Social Media


Your social media profiles are your brand. They represent you before you even have the chance to open your mouth. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, don’t make a habit of liking and commenting on sexy photos of your Facebook friends. It’s an immediate turn-off for a potential date to see that. Remember that everything you do online is visible.