Melissa Lapchuk
LA Matchmaker
Check out our list of new singles that were added this week! We are ALWAYS on the hunt for anyone 28-65-years-old, any religion/race who live in California. Apply Today xoxo Singles Mid 40’s Sexy Female Doctor, living in Beverly Hills. She’s a unique woman with a killer sense of humor and a warm loving personality. This multidimensional...
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The Spice Girls, my own personal saviors, and inspiration have a beautiful song that very eloquently states, “If you want to be with my lover you have to get with my friends”. That kind of mentality might have worked in the 90’s but grunge is dead and so is ganging up on a complete stranger...
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Get Over Him! Here’s How | Single In California
Baggage: we all have it. Hey, life is tough and we make mistakes down the road we wish we could do over. The Big Mistake To Stop Making One mistake that I can stop you from making now is talking about your ex on dates or with your significant others. I cannot even begin to...
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It seems like with any story of a woman being abused there never fails to be the hoard of Neanderthals attacking the victim. They question why she didn’t leave sooner. Didn’t she know that she was going to end up being seriously hurt or even killed? That failure to leave must make it all her...
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Don’t Let Social Media Ruin Your Relationship
I don’t consider myself to be an old-fashioned kind of a girl but when it comes to dating I can agree with my mother (eek) on one thing: The internet and your relationship don’t mingle. I was having dinner with my friend once and I decided to Instagram the outside of the place we were...
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