Melissa Lapchuk
The Top 10 Orange County Date Ideas
Today, I was putting together a list of date ideas for a few of my matchmaking clients, when I realized, no reason to hold back on these and share them with all of you. I hope you enjoy them as much as my clients have! Hike Make sure you have plenty of water and comfortable shoes.  One...
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Ditch Your Go-to Date Night
It feels like a fun date night in Orange County always means driving to Los Angeles and paying 15 dollars for parking to eat at some place bougie place. The nice thing about being in a relationship is that you can start to kind of form a routine, humans love routine, we thrive in it!...
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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year….Unless You’re Single
The holidays are such a beautiful time; our loved ones all meetup and gather around the table, their faces warm as they turn to you, and then they roast the living hell out of you because this is the umpteenth year in a row that you have no date. It can be pure hell to...
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Get Over Him! Here’s How | Single In California
Women, do you find yourself dating someone only to see it go nowhere? Or maybe you view your “dating relationship” as more than what it really is? Do you continue being the one that ends up alone, not really understanding what happened? Well ladies, I can honestly say, I’ve had pondered those exact questions at some in my...
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How To Get To Date #2 | 5 Important Things
As a Top Matchmaker for Successful Singles, I am always asked, what are some tricks or strategies to ensure a second date? What if I told you it was more important to nail the first 5 minutes of meeting someone rather than having a set of lines or conversation material? Don’t get me wrong, the entire date experience...
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