Where Bay Area’s Most Eligible Are Hiding

Where Bay Area’s Most Eligible Are Hiding

Please, darling, you want to find the cream of the crop well then stay tuned for this will be your road map to the best of the best.

First, let’s define what part of the bay you should be scoping out:

Modern Man is found on the peninsula these guys usually are in tech or some start up they love to be classy and dapper but don’t worry just across the bridge in Oakland and Berkley you will find your funky hippie side where the free birds and creative thinkers dwell. As you travel to the east bay your grinders that plan for the future and are humble are plentiful. Then you have the south bay oh baby you get the clash of it all where startups come and go, the retro man and the business classic man meet at the same place and oh yeah you bet your sweet ass they look amazing in their suits.

Woah, now that we have that all sorted you may be asking “hey I’ve been all around here why do I not see any of them.” Well, there’s a simple trick to really finding these guys. The top 3 places you can go to meet a guy is a coffee shop, a gym, or a local social area like a mall I usually prefer outside malls because the atmosphere is a little better. If you are introverted and enjoy relaxing more go to coffee shops, if you like fashion and shopping go to the mall and if you enjoy fitness or fit bodies go to the gym. I would also recommend going alone it is just easier to approach others and get approached when you are alone.

Here’s the most fun part of it all

These guys are actually looking for you and most likely have some dating app as well. There’s so many was to get a really good vibe from what the area is like by just going on dating sites and finding the zip codes that you enjoyed most. Don’t be afraid to explore out to different areas silicon valley has so many different people and things to offer.



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