[ULTIMATE LIST] Top Rated Matchmaking Services in Dubai and the Middle East

couple matched by top Middle East matchmakers

When it comes to matchmaking, there are a few people who are more accomplished and successful than most in Dubai. With years of experience working with singles from all across the Middle East, these matchmakers below have an impressive track record of helping people find true love.

Whether you’re in search of your soulmate or simply want to widen your social circle, this list of top Middle East matchmakers can help you take your dating life to the next level.

Number 1.

Christiana MaxionDubai living Matchmaker

As a Top-Tier Dubai Matchmaker, Christiana knows the ins and out’s of dating, compatibility, and how complicated dating can be in the UAE. Christiana Maxion is one of the premier matchmakers in the Middle East, renowned for her success in helping singles find their perfect match. She started out in Dubai, where she quickly established a reputation as one of the top matchmakers in the region. With her sharp intuition and keen understanding of social dynamics, Christiana has helped countless singles find love and happiness. Whether you’re looking for someone to share your passions with or simply want to be part of a warm and supportive community, Christiana is guaranteed to be able to find you your perfect match.

In her own words, “A native New Yorker rewriting the blueprint of the Dubai dating verse! I absolutely love living in Dubai and fully embrace the Dubai lifestyle, including the dating scene. I have had many success stories as a top-tier Dubai matchmaker and know how complicated dating can be. From dating apps to speed dating to ghosting, let me help you feel confident and gain direction in dating by cracking the COMPATIBILITY CODE through elite matchmaking and dating coaching.”

Connect with Christiana by emailing her at: [email protected] or join her free Dubai matchmaking database by clicking here.

Connect with Christiana, the Dubai matchmaker on her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christiana.maxion.matchmaker/




Number 2.

Elite Matchmaking by Angelika Lancsak

My practice in yoga and meditation for more than 25 years allows me to understand individuals in a special way. Are you seeking your soulmate? In this case, I might be the perfect agency for you!

I am a worldly and well-educated European with excellent background. I have been successfully arranging ideal matches since 1997 and love what I do, especially when I make the perfect match.

I entertain a global network with members of the European and Arabian aristocracy, the wealthy upper class as well as young and successful professionals.

Connect with Angelika: https://www.instagram.com/angelika.lancsak

Learn more about Angelika: https://www.angelikalancsak.com




Number 3.


She has been a resident of Dubai for over 22 years, honing her skills by actively participating with various Expat groups apart from keeping busy with a social cause by creating a charity that assists laborers stuck in the country due to medical issues. She has been featured in many local publications including a coffee table book “Super 100 Women Achievers from India and The Middle East”. Her network of friends from different backgrounds and affable nature has helped in continuing her hobby over the years by accessorizing homes, Landscaping, and dealing in stone artifacts. This is something that brings out her creativity to the core, which she enjoys immensely.
Married for 28 years, she has a son who is working in Dubai after graduating from Boston and a daughter who is currently doing her under graduation from Boston. She believes that marriage is about growing as a couple.

Connect with Nippa in Dubai at: http://matchmedubai.com/contact-us.php

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matchme.in/




Number 4.

Dubai Matchmaking – Muslim Dubai Matchmaker

Here on Dubaimatchmaking.com we facilitate only serious minded mature and educated Muslim men those have serious intention to start their family in Dubai, Abdu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE. UAE is a place where 84% of population is compose of the people those are coming from the rest of the world mainly to get settle their life in Dubai by finding Jobs or by starting their business in UAE. We don’t want to include the other reasons for visiting UAE. Dubaimatchmaking.com will give you chance to those people those are living or you can say spending their precious life in performing the robotic life or wasting their life in dance clubs.

Dubaimatchmaking.com is offering their matchmaking service to all those people those can afford to have a nice Muslim family in Dubai. Everyone with a serious intention to start marriage life in Dubai can connect us by filling online marriage form on the upper side of this Dubaimatchmaking.com




Number 5.

Priya Shah – Indian Matchmaker (works with Dubai singles)

Hi! I’m Priya Shah matrimonial expert from last 30 years! I provide matrimonial services for both domestic as well as international Indian Community serving all type of profiles, Irrelevant of caste, Community or country. This is how I build up my entire matrimonial community. And serving my clients from last thirty years. I have appeared twice in Forbes Magazine. Many times I have been asked the secret of my success!! So today I will answer this! – The moment people join my services! From that moment onwards! They instantly became my family! Second step which I feel is very important — I introduced my profiles with each other with complete information! Because I think by just seeing pictures and reading profiles can only give u the basic information about the profile!! And at first stage every profile has complete information! I talk to the girl and boy personally! Talk to their parents! Find out every small detail about the families! Try to know more and more about my client! Believe me sometimes even I get very surprised to see so many qualities in my clients which generally are not mentioned in profile!! I personally feel that these profiles are not job profiles! Here you are going to spend your life with that person! Many times seeing just the profiles and pictures my clients have rejected them! But when I share their qualities which are based on my research unapproved profiles get approved!! Here I would strongly suggest to everyone who is registered with matrimonial services you must have meeting either on zoom or personally. Because just pics and profiles alone can’t describe the personality of that person! Only after first meet and with few phone calls one can have the idea of that person.

Locations: Mumbai and All over India
Abroad: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Africa, Singapore, Dubai