Do Any Of These Clients Sound Like A Match For You?
Love and compatibility are not the same thing, though they are often confused for one another. Being intensely attracted to someone doesn’t always translate to a happy partnership. Getting along with someone doesn’t mean your relationship can blossom into romance if you just try hard enough and hope that desire will eventually come. The strategy...
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best matchmaker
Marcus Lemonis, famed billionaire and star of CNBC’s “The Profit”, tied the knot in February with boutique owner Bobbi Raffel in an intimate ceremony at Hotel Bel-Air. The couple met two years ago at a fashion trade show during which, Raffel approached him to request he buy out her fashion boutique, Runway. After some convincing, he...
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BREAKING: John and Julie Gottman’s new book, Eight Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, is available for pre-order now! #EightDates will guide you through eight conversations about the topics that matter most in relationships—trust and commitment, conflict, sex, money, family, fun and adventure, growth and spirituality, and dreams. ✨?✨ Plus, pre-order today and we’ll...
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How to Avoid Killing Each Other Over Chores
According to psychologists, there are four attachment strategies people adopt: secure, anxious, avoidant, and anxious-avoidant. Mark Mason’s blog post did a great job at defining this area of psychology that describes the nature of emotional attachment between humans. It begins as children with our attachment to our parents. The nature of this attachment, and how...
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