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Chase and Sarah, are the hosts of iPod Podcast, the #1 relationship podcast on iTunes. “Are you wondering if you are really ready to get married or have kids? It’s a big question! There are some key things we need to ask ourselves in order to make a well informed, smart decision regarding these big...
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On the Happiness of Others | An Honest Blog
“How do I know when I’ve found The One?” This idea of finding “The One” is problematic for relationships. The paradox of choice creates a real sense of anxiety for people looking to find a long-term partner. The expectations of one person to satisfy all of our many emotional, physical, and spiritual needs is a...
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  The science behind long lasting love, click here for the New York Post article  Gottman Institue Number One Thing on the Biggest Predictor to Divorce  
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Iyanla Vanzant’s Advice for Singles, Oprah’s Life-class. Oprah has a sit down with relationship expert Lyanala, and she dishes on when the person you are dating shows you who they are, do not ignore it.
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