Single In California
Our company does a lot of outreach on Linkedin, and occasionally we get a message back reading something similar to “this is not the place for this.”  And I always chuckle, because the most important decision you can make in life, is not your new software CRM, or your new project, or the marketing automation...
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“I work with women who can’t seem to find the right relationship and who are ready to give up on love. I help them have stable, committed, deeply loving relationships with a man who ROCKS THEIR WORLD!” Dr Sharon Cohen has been working with our team since 2013, and we haven’t looked back. She recently asked...
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[VIDEO] We recommend watching at minute 13! Tim Ferriss is entrepreneur and public figure, read about him here. Tim’s conclusion, Online dating: Very high volume, Low Yield Approaching women in real life: Medium Volume, Medium Yield Matchmaker:  Low Volume, High Yield   “Can Tim find true love in a week? He recruits an A-list team...
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Date Spots In Studio City | Los Angeles
Great listen about splitting the check these days, listen here to ido podcast, or here on iTunes. Listen at 19:50 for single listeners spitting the bill. “Managing and communicating around the subject of finances can be a critical part of any relationship. If you’re dating, how do you decide who picks up the bill? Recently engaged?...
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