Cinqe Matchmaking Service Reviews

How To Get To Date #2 | 5 Important Things

You might wonder, “Why are there no reviews of Cinqe Matchmaking services?

The answer is simple.

Our clients are CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, private equity partners, and at times high-profile celebrity men and women. These individuals do not want their name tied to a review about a dating service. In fact, this is antithesis of our firms goals. We do not exploit the relationships of our clients for press. Our clients confidentiality is paramount and we take this very seriously. If you are seeking a matchmaking firm where the reviews and names of past clientele are public, we will gladly guide you to another firm who might be a better fit for you. We are not meant to be a matchmaking service for everyone, but we do believe everyone deserves love.

Still seeking ways to vet us? Check out our Instagram highlights titled “success”, review our press page, click on all our matchmakers to read about how long they’ve been in the industry and make sure to vet them on their social media.

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