SPOILER ALERT, Beautiful Story! Date Coaching Testimonial for Katy Clark

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I just received this amazing email from a date coaching client today that I needed to share!

This is what happens when you work with a coach to motivate you to get you clear on what you want in life … and as you’ll read below, sometimes the answers are right in front of you.

This story is from a single 40-year-old father of two located in Orange County California

“…romantically things turned a very positive way for me and you had a lot to do with it.


This week when I began to engage the process of “Who I am , What do I do? “ and more importantly “What am I looking for?”, I spoke with Katy on the phone. If you remember Katy, I was a bit reluctant to engage in the process “as I believe in the organic development of things romantic”. I think I said something about the universe having a way of working this out. Katy responded quickly to this notion with “Yeah, sure but you have to get out there in order for that principle to work.” With which I quickly agreed.


So I took 30 minutes to put pen to paper and write down some quick words about what I was looking for and realized I was describing someone I already knew and was very close to. I just hadn’t taken the risk of telling her. I was sitting on my hands hoping she would read my mind….watching her date other guys, advising on dating strategy, translating man speak for her. Listening to her talk about how great her life was but desperately wanting to share it with someone… All along too afraid to just say “I’m your guy. You know it and I know it!”


And then it happened without a plan I was telling her how I was writing down what I was looking for and she asked “What ARE you looking for?”, It was like lightening had struck me and I was suddenly filled with confidence and abandon at the same time. My response: “You. You are everything I want. I was describing you as I wrote down what I am looking for.” Of course her mouth fell open and she stared back at me for a few seconds without saying anything. But eventually, she did and we worked quickly through the details of how we love our close friendship and don’t want to lose it, but in reality we both want more from each other and have been afraid of taking the risk to say something about it. We hugged goodbye as we rushed to get back to our lives of work and kids but that night we met up again and it ended with a kiss that felt like my first. Sounds cliché but it’s true “sparks were flying”.



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