Ditch Your Go-to Date Night

Ditch Your Go-to Date Night

It feels like a fun date night in Orange County always means driving to Los Angeles and paying 15 dollars for parking to eat at some place bougie place. The nice thing about being in a relationship is that you can start to kind of form a routine, humans love routine, we thrive in it!  Now here comes the “BUT WAIT!’ follow-up statement; relationships gets stagnant so it is crucial to spice it up occasionally. I’m not talking about huge dramatic changes but something as simple as stepping out of your routine makes a massive difference.

  1. Ditch the city and opt for the outdoors 

    Depending on your level of comfort with the outdoor this could mean a short day hike or if you’re feeling more adventurous an overnight trip with your honey. This is a fantastic way to disconnect from your everyday stressors.It also gives you a good opportunity to really focus and talk with each other. We spend so much time rushing around that we ignore the people in our own homes or are untintentionally short with them.

  2. Visit a museum similar to LACMA or the Getty

    I absolutely love this suggestion in particular because even if you’re not an art buff per se you can still walk around and grab a pair of heaphones for the guided audio tour and appreciate all of the beautiful artwork. Some museums in the Los Angeles area even do free days where they wave the admission! I’d also like to mention that most museums serve alochol and have scenic gardens for sitting and relaxing.

  3. Instead of the date night movie go catch a play 

    With tickets usually starting at $29 dollars at the Segerstrom Performing Arts Center there’s no excuse to not go watch something live. It’s more of an experience and sometimes there are live musicals that inspired major movies, meaning, you can enjoy your favorite movies in a totally different way. It creates a unqiue and exciting experience that is sure to create some fantastic memories!

Those are just some quick and easy tips.There are defintely countless more! What do you guys like to do when you’re sick of your boring date night routine in the Orange County area?

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