How Do You Know What Dating Method is Right For You?

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There are so many different ways to meet people now. You have your pick of websites, matchmakers, and cellphone dating apps. But how do you know which of these is right for you?

You might be inclined to say that it doesn’t really make a difference, but yeah, it kind of does. A good way of figuring out what you need is by taking a minute to figure out what you want.

Cellphone Apps: Nothing serious. Mostly just hookups. Usually free.

Bumble – Women message the men first and generally that keeps the number of obscene messages you’ll be getting slightly lower.Women are also generally less aggressive than men so you can expect some of those conversations to go nowhere. This requires a Facebook account and it will match you with friends or friends of friends.

Tinder – Everyone knows this one.Tinder is a lot of messages and a whole lot of people. You’ll probably find yourself starting a lot of conversations that ultimately don’t go anywhere. This requires a Facebook account and it will match you with friends or friends of friends.

Coffee Meets Bagel – This one is a little more serious than the other ones.You get the convenience of a cellphone app but unlike the other ones, you get a very select number of matches per a certain time frame. This also links to your Facebook.

Websites: A little less casual. More time spent filling out a profile. Vary in price.

Plenty of Fish – A little weird and disorganized.

OkCupid – This one is a little interesting because it can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. The more questions you answer the more likely you are to match with someone who has a high compatibility. The site does offer paid features but not having those doesn’t impede your ability to browse and meet other people It’s also worth noting that people don’t really need anything much besides an email to sign up.

Match –  A classic. People go on this site with the expectation of finding something more serious.

eHarmony- Same spiel. You’re also more likely to find an older crowd on this site.


Those are just a few of your choices, which do you prefer and why?