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Women, do you find yourself dating someone only to see it go nowhere?

Or maybe you view your “dating relationship” as more than what it really is? Do you continue being the one that ends up alone, not really understanding what happened?

Well ladies, I can honestly say, I’ve had pondered those exact questions at some in my life.   The key to dating successfully is knowing what you want your outcome to be and identifying whether or not you are on the right track. Men don’t give mixed signals, we just don’t know how to decode the situation, but by understanding the level of intent you can save yourself time, stress, and lots of bottle of wine.

Here are some common identifiers for each degree of dating:

First degree:

Being flirtatious, texting type of relationship, man is satisfied with not becoming intimate. A man will not ask, nor take a woman on a date; he is probably texting and/or talking to several different women at the same time.

He is a person that either doesn’t have the time for dating or really doesn’t want to commit at this time in his life. Possibly looking for an ego boost or men already in a committed relationship that have lost the emotional connection with their partner.

If you find yourself spending more time on the phone or texting and never actually going out – run!

Second degree:

Man ask/takes a woman on dates and genuinely enjoys their time together, but doesn’t commit; wont go the extra mile and doesn’t typically pursue.  Most likely dating other women at the same time – he’s playing the field somewhat. He is dating with no intention of going to the next step, not thinking about kids or marriage.

The talkers, not the doers – they promise all these fun things, trips, and dates, but doesn’t follow through with his actions.

These could also be men in relationships taking it to an intimate level with someone other than their partner.

If you find yourself dating someone casually and you want more; or the man youre dating has promised you all these things but fails to follow through, then you’ve found yourself at the dead end of the second degree.

It’s up to you if you want to wait and see what happens, be my guest, but you can never get your time back…. or you can be true to yourself and not pretend to be satisfied with the relationship and move on.

Third degree:

The man that pursues one woman with the intention of taking it to the next level, kids/family/marriage. He is communicative, enjoys dating; and makes plans that include you in his life.

He either has or makes time for you and makes it apparent that he has feelings for you.

The “sayers” and the “doers” – He say’s what he means, and means what he says – he follow through.

If you find yourself dating someone you really like that is pursuant, plans you into their lives, and makes a commitment – stay!

So you see, men really don’t give mixed signals – they are quite clear. If your intention for dating is to lead to marriage one day, don’t waste your time on the 1st and 2nd degree dates, invest your time in the men willing to date in the 3rd degree.

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