[DatingNews.com Interview] Cinqe Matchmaking Helps Elite Clients Find Love Through Its Vast Network of Desirable Singles

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The Scoop: Erica Arrechea founded Cinqe Matchmaking as an exclusive agency that helps elite singles find romance.

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The firm doesn’t accept just any potential client, and its in-depth vetting process is part of why it has been so successful. Cinqe’s network of matchmakers works with clients throughout the country to provide a full concierge service. Recently, the agency partnered with MillionaireMatch.com and the Millionaire’s Club to provide additional opportunities for its clients.

Becoming a Cinqe Matchmaking client isn’t as simple as filling out a profile and writing a check. While the firm’s elite matchmaking team has decades of experience in the dating industry, Cinqe also has a rigorous vetting process.

Often, a potential client will talk with as many as three Cinqe matchmakers before earning the firm’s blessing. Those matchmakers will discuss the client, and it can take up to three months to determine if the client would be a good fit in its exclusive network. The firm doesn’t want to waste anyone’s time or money if they know they can’t meet their expectations.

“We all have to agree that this is someone who we can match into a relationship,” said Erica Arrechea, Founder of Cinqe. “We have to really like you. We’re not the cheapest, but we’re also not the most expensive. And we need to commit to working with clients for a while to get them into the right relationship.”

The evaluation goes beyond whether the Cinqe team feels like it could match a potential client with someone in its network. They also ensure that they’re not bringing in too many people of similar ages who are all looking for the same attributes — in fairness to its other clients.

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