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  • Are you single, living in the US, Canada, Europe, or the UAE, and interested in getting in front of other high-end individuals?
  • At Cinqe Matchmaking, we offer a complimentary network that you can join at no cost by creating a confidential profile.
  • Our paying clients are typically wealthy, fit, CEOs, lawyers, and high-profile individuals.
  • When we are searching for matches for our VIP Clients, we look through the members of our Complimentary Network to see who is a good fit.
  • Your profile is sent confidentially to our team only; this is NOT an open database.
  • We must contact you first for an interview, no sales pitches, and hassle-free confidential dating.
  • Check your email immediately after submitting your application, you will receive a link that will give you access to update/edit your application anytime. This is the only way for you to access your application. 
  • No blind dates.
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About Cinqe Matchmaking

Cinqe, pronounced “sync”,  is a boutique matchmaking firm that works side by side with you to find the match of your dreams. 

Our team of certified matchmakers are experienced in getting that first date to not only happen, but to lead to the second, third, and so on. 

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