From Weinstein to Lauer: Sexual Harassment Scandals are Creating More of a Need for Matchmaking, Here is Why

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With every waking day, there seems to be a fresh disturbing sexual allegation making its way around the news and internet. Yesterday, Matt Lauer, long-standing host of NBC’s The Today Show, was fired by the network in light of allegations made against him recently. “There are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain I have caused others by words and actions…” Lauer released in a statement on November 29th. To add fuel to the fire, Lauer’s termination was only one of the numerous cases of celebrity figures who have been accused of sexual misconduct. Among the many are notable film producer Harvey Weinstein, television journalist Charlie Rose, actor Kevin Spacey, and television host Billy Bush.

Men and women alike are joining the “Me Too” movement, that first began on Twitter with sexual assault activist Tarana Burke though started gaining national attention when actress Alyssa Milano used the hashtag in one of her tweets, to further unite the voices of the hurt who have been victims of these previously hushed over incidents.
I have noticed for about a month or so when speaking with both men and women clients, the conversation almost always ventures into worry and caution when approaching dating, especially in light of these continuous allegations. Some of my men clients are even going as far as to ensure that the women I set them up with are not within their professional circle.
How deeply have these allegations influenced the matchmaking industry and dating generally? Here’s a few observations Cinqe has noticed among clients.
  • Untrustworthiness With Online Dating: From Producers, Lawyers to Partners in major firms, all men in powerful positions have reached out to us because they are becoming much more apprehensive to online dating simply because it’s not that trustworthy. Online dating sites do not perform background checks and can only barely verify one’s identity (Google reverse image searching can only do so much). Clients want to triple check to make sure they woman they’re getting romantically involved with is not professionally linked to them in any way. Very few matchmaking companies take the time to meet each and every client personally and pre-screen them as Cinqe does.
  •  Doing The Research: A majority of business professionals tell us they just don’t have the time to go through every picture and search result that appears when trying to learn more about a date. Even with that, they don’t feel that a Google search really does a thorough job anymore. They need someone who they trust to bring them high-profile matches who they don’t have to worry about being inappropriately involved with.
  • Making Dating Safe: We’ve been swamped with calls and emails from prospective clients who are choosing to go the matchmaking route because of the hassle of dating on your own. Singles want to invest in a service that is 100% clear in what kind of individuals they choose to match and work with. 
Hearing our clients concerns and anxieties about dating due to these recent situations has been worrisome for sure. However, we’re committed to making sure each of our clients, and future clients, always feel completely safe and comfortable with us and the matches we set them up with.