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Whether you’ve lived in SF for 25 years, a year, or even a few months, it’s good to know the stats of the city that you call home. What exactly makes up the people that live here? What makes up San Francisco? Check out these interesting stats below.

Race & Ethnicity

A majority of SF residents are Non-Hispanic Caucasian (41.2%), a good portion of which are Irish. 33.5 % are of the Asian race, 15.3% Black, and 4.6% falling under a different race category.


English takes the top spot with 485,500 people primarily stating that English is the language they speak the most, with Asian language coming in at 225,000. Spanish comes in 3rd with 96,500, Indo-European (non-spanish) language comes in 4th with 54,000 and “other” language at 8,700.


Quite a diverse SF category, spirituality and religion split off into 12 percentages. 25% are Catholic, 22% don’t claim a defining religion or believe “nothing in particular,” 20$ are Protestant, 10% are Agnostic, Atheist, Other and Hindu tie at 5%, Jewish at 3%, Buddhist at 2%, while Muslim, Mormon, and Orthodox Christian tie at 1%.

Miscellaneous Numbers

This is a collection of numbers that represent random facts about San Francisco neighborhoods and residents.

Residents worth 30million or more: 2,310

Homeless residents: 6,900

Residents living in poverty: 105.250

Children aged 5 or younger: 39,500

Number of dogs: 120,000

Number of trees: 125,000


A majority of SF residents (215,200) have at least a Bachelor’s degree and earn about $66,400 annually,140,000 have a Graduate’s degree and earn at least $87,750 a year, 135,000 have their associates or attended college for a bit and earn $36,800 annually, 84,000 only earned their HS diploma and earn $26,550 a year, and 85,600 did not earn their HS diploma and make about $20,550 a year.


A whopping 127,500 SF residents are in the technical or scientific industry with government-related jobs at 96,100, food services at 82,000, health care at 69,100, and retail trade, 49,200 rounding out the top 5. On the lower end, 100 SF residents claim farming as their employment, 12,300 for manufacturing, 14,400 for real estate, arts and entertainment at 15,000 and wholesale trade at 16,000.

Spending & Budget

Housing seems to be the largest category that residents of San Francisco spend money on at $30,355 a year with social society and pensions at $9,667, transportation at $8,956, healthcare at $4,857, and earring out at $4,611. Smoking lands the bottom spot with $85, with reading not close behind at $198.


Age wise, 22.3% of residents fall between the ages of 25 to 34, 16.2% 35 to 44,13.6% 45 to 54, 12.1 % 55-64, 11.9% 65-84, under 10 years old and 18 to 24 tied at 8.1%, 10-17 at 5.3%m and 2.2% for residents 85 years and older.

How Do San Francisco Residents Spend Their Time? (Hourly)

A vast majority spend 8.8 hours sleeping, 8.0 hours working, 3 hours online, 2.7 hours watching TV, 2 hours caring and looking after children, and 1.9 on social media. Volunteering takes up the least amount of hourly time with less than 1 full hour.

Though looking at statistics about cities may not be extremely interesting to some, it’s good to keep yourself in the loop about what’s going on in your city and what makes up your city.

What do you love most about living in San Francisco?

h/t Stats gathered from Paragon Real Estate Group Graphs & Charts

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