[2022 Matchmaking Service Price] How much does Cinqe Matchmaking Service Cost?

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We’ve been getting a ton of questions regarding our service, read below or
at Cinqe.com/FAQS to answer more you may have

A client has guaranteed dates. A client is paying our company.
A Complimentary member joining our network, is just that. It is FREE to join, it is FREE to receive an invitation and it is FREE to be matched with paying clients. Join at Cinqe.com/join

How much is your service to join your network to be matched with paying clients??
We receive over 100 applications submissions a month. Due to the high volume, we can not interview and match everyone. We are extremely selective on who we bring into our network to match with our paying clients.
Please understand this is invitation only and we choose a small handful a month to actively match. We have 5 matchmakers and we work with every matchmaker in the US and Canada
There is no fee to submit your application at Cinqe.com/Join
It is #FREE to be matched with paying members.
We encourage everyone 25-75 any race or religion to please submit an application

Who do we typically invite for a membership
Professionals who are fit and commitment minded. You will have a higher chance of being selected to become matched if you’ve completed all the questions on our form and have taken the time to complete a full bio about yourself. Please take your time.

Who are your typical clients?
Successful professionals who are healthy and commitment-minded.

How much does it cost to be a paying client with guaranteed dates?
We do custom packages. Our fee’s can go up to $200,000. A typical contract is between $35,000-$125,000

Please understand using a #matchmaking service is NOT for everyone. This is an elite service for those who are busy professionals who know how to delegate.