How to Create Top-Notch Dating Profile

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How you set up your dating profile is actually more important than you realize. It’s the only thing a person has to go off of when they’re determining if they should or shouldn’t connect with you. That’s why you should take setting your profile up seriously, especially if you’re looking for something serious.


Keep reading for some tips to help you create a top-notch dating profile.

Don’t have multiple people in your photos

Your profile should be about you and you only. You don’t want your potential partner to have to guess who you are because all of your pictures feature other individuals. It may cause them to immediately pass on your profile because of how much work it takes to identify who you are. Also, make sure to show your face. People want to see you, not necessarily the back of your head or your dog.

Do consider matchmaking services

If your profile isn’t getting you the responses you want, then you may need some professional help. Cinqe has a team of people to deliver top-notch matchmaking services to people in most major cities. One of the services available that Cinqe matchmaking offers is online dating profile management. You’ll have access to everything from help with pre-date communication to just general advice. So, don’t pass up on this opportunity. It might be what helps you find your biggest romantic connection yet.

Don’t let insecurities win

Don’t let insecurities prevent you from taking and posting photos. Whether you’re stressing out about aspects of your appearance like your body shape, your hair, or even your style of dress, don’t let that stop you from posting pictures! Embrace your insecurities as most of the time they aren’t even as bad as you believe. We are our own biggest critics at times, and it can easily prevent you from posting a good photo of yourself.

Do revamp your image

If you do find yourself feeling insecure about your image, consider some ways to go about fixing them. For example, for men, if hair loss is an insecurity of yours, why not consult a doctor about trying hair growth products to help achieve fuller locks. Or, if your style of dress is an issue for you, maybe utilizing Cinqe matchmaking services for image consulting can help fix that insecurity for you. Either way, there are tons of resources out there to help you with everything from finding first date outfit ideas to improving your skincare routine. Now is the time to revamp your image to one that you’re proud to show off!

Don’t lie about things

Most dating apps have prompts or a space that allows you to describe what you’re looking for and who you are. This is the time to write answers that are witty and grab people’s attention. However, make sure that you’re being truthful. Lying or exaggerating on your dating profile will only upset the person you’re talking to and hurt you in the long run. It’s understandable that you want to include answers that will serve as talking points in the future, but instead of exaggerating, consider including some of these questions to help you get to know someone better.

Do have fun

Remember, have fun with your profile! Don’t turn this into a chore. Making a dating profile should be fun and have you excited to see what’s to come. Don’t let photos, prompts, or whatever else stress you out. Either way, as long as you’re authentic, your profile is already off to a good start.


If you do find yourself stressed, don’t worry! Cinqe is one of the best matchmaking services out there, so you’ll be in good hands.