[LIVE TV] Matchmaker Annie Garmendia LIVE on News 9&10 Answering the Questions, What is matchmaking?

It was a pleasure to watch the interview of Annie Garmendia, from Cinqe Matchmaking, with Adam Bartelmay and Sid Simone on 9&10 news’s “Good Day Northern Michigan“. Fans of the show were thrilled that Annie discussed in detail what matchmaking is and how it works while at the same time giving Sid an assessment she’ll never forget. From what type of person she might enjoy dating, to aspects of her personality and lifestyle tailored for her ideal match, no stone was left unturned. Although Sid seemed quite comfortable sharing this data, one can imagine the heart-pounding moments during the on-air assessment! It’s certain that everyone watching learned something about matchmaking through this light-hearted exchange, and for those looking for their perfect match will certainly have a better understanding of how Cinqe Matchmaking can help make that happen.