How To Manage Your Matchmaking Service – and find “The One”

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“The One,” can be hard to find- especially if you’ve been out on the dating scene for years on end. Odds are that you’ve read all the self-help dating books, listened to podcasts, and even signed up for a speed date or two. Maybe you’ve had a couple of short-lived relationships or a fling. Maybe you’re divorced and looking for your next love. Whatever your case might be, you’ve put your mojo to the test over and over by now and simply aren’t seeing the results you desire. It may be time to ask for professional additional help.


We know that hiring a matchmaker can be a big investment and you want to make sure you’ve hired “The One” who will find you “The One.”  Here are some ways to manage and make the most out of your matchmaking serviceso you can find the love you deserve, without feeling like you’re losing control of your love life.


  • Ask Tough Questions.

Do not be afraid to ask tough questions. You should be able to ask anything pertaining to your consultant’s process and receive solid answers in return. What is their vetting process? How do they decide who might be a match? How do they weed people out? If your consultant knows what he or she is doing, they will happily walk you through their work and how they plan to serve you to the highest extent of their ability.


  • Set up a communication strategy

Some prefer to be in constant communication with their consultant. Other’s wish to be contacted via email only. Whatever means of communication is easiest for you should be sufficient for your matchmaker. Set up calendar dates and times to check so you can move through the matches that they find you with ease. Reviewing each date and expressing your likes and dislikes helps tremendously in narrowing down your filter. If you’re not in communication, your consultant can’t do their job well, so be clear and concise about your communication strategy. You’ll glad at how smoothly your dating life goes!


Hiring a matchmaker should not be scary or difficult. In fact, it should be fun! The opportunity to meet individuals who are specifically searching for the same things you are is a tremendous advantage in the world of dating. Don’t miss your opportunity to meet “The One,” because of a bad strategy. Be proactive to make the most out of your matchmaking service, and you’ll be certain to meet the love of your life.


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