Matchmaker Advice for Couples Moving in Together

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Couples moving in together are taking an exciting step in their relationship. However, a lot will change about your relationship when you’re living with your significant other. It’s important to have the hard conversations beforehand and continuously check in with each other throughout your relationship.

Your significant other might have routines, habits, preferences, and opinions you’re unaware of. There are other important questions to ask as well: Does your partner prefer waking up early on the weekends? Do they prefer to order in instead of cook at home? How will household bills and other expenses be handled? Who’s responsible for what chores? Why are you moving in together in the first place?

These questions can be overwhelming but like any aspect of a relationship, communication is key. We asked the top relationship experts all across the country to share their best piece of advice for couples moving in together. So whether you and your significant other are planning to move into an apartment in Atlanta, GA, or a rental unit in Portland, OR, the experience will be as smooth as possible.


Check out the top 14 advice tips for couples moving in together, all brought to you by top matchmaking services.  Click here to read, featured is our very own Matchmaker Annie Garmendia.


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