4 Reasons Why I Would Rather Let A Matchmaker Set Me Up

4 Reasons Why I Would Rather Let A Matchmaker Set Me...
  1. I always seem to pick the same kind of guy but in a different model. 

    Maybe it’s because I live, work, and date in Orange County but I feel like I keep meeting the same kind of guy over and over again. Also realistically speaking, my social circle is only so big and I don’t really want my friends to know the nitty gritty details of my personal dating life because I feel like there are definite cons to letting that stuff be out in the open. It’s like having a friend’s unobscured perspective without their judgement.

  2. I’m lazy.

    I want to date but I don’t really want to open a Tinder, OkCupid, eHarmony, or whatever new websites have popped up just to spend hours weeding through those horrific random messages you get in your inbox only to eventually find someone I’d like to maybe possibly meet. I want someone to take the bull by the horns and say, “Hey, this guy is a Vet and I think you’d get along because of x,y, and z.”. If I’m giving up a night where I could be binge watching Game of Thrones I want to know that it was worth it to leave my house!

  3. It can be a little scary to meet a stranger. 

    Online dating fun and it’s convenient but the information on their profile is only as true as they want it to be and that scares me. I feel a little more secure knowing that if we’re both paying good money for a luxury matchmaking service that we’re both gainfully employed, have met with a matchmaker who has taken at the very least our basic information, and are serious about finding someone. The free websites tend to attract a very wide variety of people; not all of those people are men or women I’d feel comfortable even taking an Uber with.

  4. I’ve been on too many bad dates and had one too many bad relationships.

    I think it’s finally time to let a professional take the wheel because the last guy I picked on my own drove a car that was made the same year that I was born and was marginally employed. Oh, there’s also the musician nearing his 40’s who is still trying to make it big. Need I say more?

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