What Kind of Man Uses a Dating Service?

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This isn’t your mother’s dating scene anymore.

Technology has taken dating into a new direction that I doubt anyone could have foreseen when they were waiting 30 minutes for a photo to download. But, if for some reason there was someone who foresaw this boom they definitely invested in an app or a matchmaking company.

In the past, your dating options were limited to who was in your immediate neighborhood, who you worked with, or who you met through friends and school. All of those ways of meeting people “naturally” or “organically” as some people like to say are fine and dandy!

So, that brings us to the million dollar question, what kind of man uses a dating service? The short and simple answer is a normal man.

It’s taken awhile for the stigma of online dating/matchmaking services to be erased but people are slowly and surely starting to realize that it’s not only people who are “desperate”. It takes a certain amount of financial stability to be able to pay for a professional matchmaker to set you up which means you go into the scenario expecting quality matches and other people who are serious about finding someone else.

In plain language that means you’ve got your shit together and want someone who has theirs together too. These are all normal people who just want to do things the easier more convenient way.

I firmly believe that sometimes we don’t know what we want in a partner and that’s why we end up in so many relationships that seem like they’re leading nowhere. We meet someone cute and we get carried away….then several months later we’re back on Tinder.If you’re the kind of person who is really career oriented you probably don’t have the time or desire to invest your energy in something that isn’t going to work out.

Additionally, not all men have careers where they can meet hordes of single women and the single women they may meet are coworkers and that is the biggest of all no’s.

Don’t automatically disregard all of the eligible men in your area who opt to go the route of convenience! They may be on to something!

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