Millionaire’s Club: 4 Key Things All Millionaires Have In Common

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I’ve been in the business of matchmaking since 2012, and my clientele is comprised of  “normal,” everyday people and those extremely wealthy individuals. When you work with various types, you’re bound to observe and pick up quite a few things.

One of which is knowing how to distinguish between someone who is genuinely wealthy and someone who is just determined to convince others they are wealthy. When it comes to financially well-off men, they’re typically modest, keep to themselves, and are deep thinkers. On the opposite end, those who stretch the truth of their financial status tend to be a lot more flamboyant and materialistic.

Of course, this does not always prove true with every person who claims the millionaire status. You might be surprised to know that a good portion of millionaires have much more in common than their salaries.

Based on research and my own observations, here are a few key points that have been proven true:

  1. They’re Not All Talk, No Action. I’ve met with more people than the average will know in a lifetime, and I can tell you this without a doubt: successful millionaires are modest. They don’t prance around bragging about material possessions such as their multi-million dollar home, their new yacht, nothing of the sort.
  2. They’re Cheap. Not cheap meaning they don’t invest their money; cheap meaning that instead of driving what people would ordinarily expect them to drive (ex. a Maserati), they’ll gladly spend the money to tune up, remodel and maintain the Jeep they’ve had for years. Warren Buffett has lived in his same Omaha home since the 1950s and still happily drives his long-time Cadillac. Just because you have plenty of money doesn’t correlate to wanting to spend it frivolously.
  3. They Do Their Own Thing Career Wise. About 18% of American households are headed by self-employed individuals. However, those within that small percentage are four times more likely to become millionaires. Those odds may be a long-shot, though if you succeed and remain dedicated to your business, they surely pay off.
  4. Their Work Ethic Can’t Be Beat. So many of us can lay out a strategic plan for what we’re going to do this day, next month, how we’re going to strengthen our skills, and better our work ethic. Though when it comes to actually fulfilling it, we realize those plans are easier to make than accomplish. That’s why we could learn a thing or two from millionaires and their committed work ethic. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, reportedly begins his days around 4 am in the morning, running off a string of emails to employees, while former Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer used to put in 130 hour weeks with zero to no sleep. That’s dedication! And someone who puts that same commitment behind their professional life additionally applies it in every other aspect of their life (including dating).