Read This Post Before You Move-In Together! It May Save Your Relationship!

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So, you think you’re finally done navigating the tumultuous seas of the dating world? You found someone who doesn’t mind your morning breath and daily Netflix’s binges. Awesome!
You even had the “where is this going?” talk and you made it through to the other side.
Even better!
But now you’re deciding to move in together.
Oh, crap.
How you chose to handle the next part of this relationship can make or break it. Too many times we move in together thinking that it’s going to be a piece of cake. You spend all your time together anyway so what’s the difference?

What the real difference is:

Living together with your boyfriend/girlfriend is infinitely different than just occasionally crashing at their place. You don’t get to just be cute and leave your dishes in the sink and slink away to go pick up your next latte. It’s cute once or twice or week but it get’s annoying when it’s every single day.

Mines, his, and ours:

This is where you need to cut the umbilical cord loose and start getting rid of some of those boxes of clothes you don’t really wear anymore but still own for some reason. Try to visualize two separate places being combined into one place.
This is a good exercise in learning how be compromise! You can both sit down together and start throwing away things that don’t fit in with your new decorations and accepting his opinion too.
Nothing will scare a man away faster than a woman throwing a tantrum over some photo frames.

Bills bills bills:

It’s no secret that money is one of the biggest stressors in a relationship. One of the biggest problems people encounter is the realization that we all basically have a loose understanding of how our finances really work.
How many of us have ever sat down and created an excel sheet of all of our expenses and our income? Not many. But, when you move in with someone you share your household expenses you need to know what your finances look like. Your relationship depends on it.
You might be tempted to say, “Let’s just split everything in half!”. It sounds diplomatic and it sounds nice, but it doesn’t work.
You probably don’t make the same income and you probably don’t have the same expenses. This scenario usually ends up leaving one person with $200 dollars extra a month and some resentment.
Take the time and sit down and really go over everything.

Don’t forget to be excited!
This is a big step in your new lives together so be enthusiastic for the future!



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