Our success rate and why it doesn’t matter

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Most frequently asked question that I haaaaate.

But hey, I get it – you’re curious about what we do and what you can expect from our service.

“What is your success rate?”

What is success?

Success is achieving their purpose.

Every client is unique. Here are some of the members we’ve helped:

✔️Post-divorce, unsure where to meet someone. Doesn’t believe there are any “good ones” left.
Success defined by them: knowing there are good ones out there. They don’t want to get married any time soon but would like to meet quality singles who also don’t have the end goal of marriage right now.

✔️Post-divorce, in a loveless marriage for 20 years, and don’t feel any attraction.
Success defined by them: Finding someone attractive again.

✔️35 yr old tech virgin.
Success defined by them: They want to feel comfortable on a date. Gain confidence with our coaching.

✔️Seeking to be introduced to high-caliber women who are educated and attractive (attraction defined by them)
Success defined by them: “Being introduced to women as defined above. That’s all I can ask for. I understand the rest is on me.” (That is the exact copy and paste)

The list goes on and on …. and on …

We ask prospects to define success to ensure their expectations are realistic and something we can achieve during their time with us.

We turn down prospects left and right because not everyone is a match for our unique approach to matchmaking (by the way, if you’re a fellow matchmaker, hit us up about our referral program!)

Now, when people ask about our “success rate,” they’re usually thinking about finding that soulmate-level connection. And while that’s certainly an amazing outcome, it’s not the only measure of success in our book.

For us, it’s all about happiness. Are our clients happy at the end of their time with us? Did we help them define their expectations and meet their goals? If the answer is “yes,” then we consider that a success.

And the answer is yes.

But let’s talk about the ones who come to us ready to find their last first date.

Our advice to them is simple: if you put your trust in us, listen to our guidance, and be open to meeting new people, then yes, you’ll find success. It’s really that simple.

However, some clients hire us and then refuse to take our advice or meet the singles we suggest. It’s like hiring an expert chef and then telling them how to cook your meal – it just doesn’t make sense! And when those clients don’t have successful outcomes, it doesn’t exactly reflect well on our “success rate.”

🤦🏽‍♀️In those cases, when our client continues to choose the wrong ones to date, talk about their ex, over-drink, or go MIA on perfectly great matches … well then their “success” will no longer count towards our “success rate”.

🎥“It is our job to advise you, but the decisions will always be yours.” A little Kim Wexler quote for the Better Call Saul fans …

So, what’s a better question to ask?