What’s the Dating Scene Like In San Francisco?

What’s the Dating Scene Like In San Francisco?

San Francisco is as bustling as a city can get, with a steady flow of tech companies, artists, and business professionals constantly shuttling in this an amazing place if you happen to be single. But, dating in San Francisco is not for the faint of heart.

But, dating in San Francisco is not for the faint of heart.

  1. Everyone Knows Each Other

    For a “big city” San Francisco isn’t actually that big at all. It’s quite small compared to other metropolitan areas and odds are someone that you’re dating has probably dated or hooked up with someone you know, oh well?

  2. Your Date Doesn’t Have a Car

    You probably don’t either, so what does that mean? Expect to be standing on the sidewalk waiting for an Uber or Lyft to come pick you up long after your date has gone home. I guess it goes without saying that your typical date night expectations should be thrown out of the proverbial window.

  3. It’s Expensive, Expect to Pay Your Share

    Have you been to San Francisco? It’s expensive! I paid 18 dollars for a burrito and two tacos. If you live in the city you probably have multiple roommates and are still paying a paycheck and a half for rent. Don’t expect your date to always pay whenever you go out on an outing. You may seem callous and a little selfish if you sit there looking at the check.

Dating is very different depending on what area you live and each area seems to come with its own unique perils.

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