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Check out our list of new singles that were added this week! We are ALWAYS on the hunt for anyone 28-65-years-old, any religion/race who live in California.

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Mid 40’s Sexy Female Doctor, living in Beverly Hills. She’s a unique woman with a killer sense of humor and a warm loving personality. This multidimensional bachelorette has real substance and is looking for someone who also has depth. She is fun-loving and knows how to carry a stimulating and intellectual conversation without coming off as domineering. These unique traits really set her apart from a crowd.


Mid 60’s male VIP Business Owner. He’s a fast car driving, gregarious man with a sense of style. Known around Orange County as the leader in his industry, you will find him standing 6′ feet tall with light brown hair and a clean smile.


Early 40’s Male Doctor in Hermosa Beach California, 5’10”. Our bachelor could be described as loyal and amiable, always. He has all the building blocks needed for an excellent mate.


Are you living in Southern or Northern California? Check out our Matchmaking Company Cinqe.com. Our service is more like friends setting up mutual friends on a date. We only recommend people if we feel like there’s something about the two of you that would spark a real connection.

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