Open Letter | Texting And Flirting: Dear Single Women Who Are 45+

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Dear Single Women Who are Dating and Above the Age of 45,

Why am I writing this for single women over the age of 45? Because that is the age of most of the women I speak with on a daily basis at Cinqe.com, so I feel confident saying that you are terrible at doing this ONE THING.


Be exciting, silly, and flirty! Have fun! Men love women who aren’t afraid to take risks. Reach out to him whenever you feel like it and ask him how is day is doing, send him some lip emojis and sexy text messages. Entertain him a little, willy ya? Men like having their interest peaked.

I don’t understand why I need to coach my women to flirt, this is a natural instinct that you should develop.

To help out, here are a few examples to send to someone you are dating or even to someone who you are about to go on a date with:

-“Hey handsome, how is your day going?”

-“???? Just thinkin, that was fun the other night. Thought I would say hi …”

-“I loved what you said the other night about ___x____. I was just thinking about that.. how is your day going?”

-“What are you wearing today?’ (wait for him to answer, then reply with) … “sexy, hehe”

Be cute and exciting! Try to get your date to smile when you’re around! Try to make his day! Women love it when men make them laugh and men are really no different, so be bold and take chances. No risk no reward!

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