“There Was No Chemistry”: A Dating Reality Check, Why You Won’t Always “Spark” On A First Date

Single In California

Our team wanted to put together this piece because there are many times where our clients go on dates, only to not want to continue seeing that person because they claimed there was “no chemistry.”


There are two major tips we encourage every single to keep in mind when they’re struggling with not connecting with their dates:


  • Understand that people just get nervous. Plain and simple. When you’re meeting someone for the first time, a bunch of thoughts swarm in your head and theirs. People need time to get comfortable with one another.
  • If you’re date doesn’t have any deal breakers, please consider giving them another chance. Besides nerves, there are other factors that influence how well a date can go. If the first experience wasn’t exactly enjoyable but you two have more than a few things in common, consider changing up the date location. For example, instead of a more serious dinner, make it light-hearted and grab a coffee together.


Chemistry rarely happens right away.

If you share similar goals, interests, family values and they are a genuinely good person, give them another chance.

Don’t be so quick to throw in the towel on someone who could potentially be the perfect match for you.  Why take our advice? Well we’ve only made a ton of marriages and have been able to get almost all our clients into exclusive relationships, thats all.