How Much Is Too Much When It Comes To Relationships?

How Much Is Too Much When It Comes To Relationships?

When it comes to relationships we all draw our line in the sand at different places, I’ve known men who have told me that if a girl makes plans for the weekend without telling them first that’s enough to give her the ax.


Because it implies familiarity and to them, it meant that she was getting too comfortable.

For those of us who aren’t sociopaths, I’m going to assume for the sake of this blog post that you’re trying to make your relationship succeed and aren’t just looking for a Seinfieldesque excuse to dump your significant other, but you have your doubts about whether or not you’re at an impasse.

Communication issues? You can fix that.

If you’ve ever had a conversation with another adult that has been in any sort of relationship one of the first things that you hear is “communication is key“. All that jazz aside, that’s the kind of issue that can cause a HUGE problem within you relationship. A lack of communication is also something that can be fixed through self-help books, counseling, and a number of other resources.

You don’t feel safe or secure? You can’t fix that.

You should never feel scared of your partner. There are moments when we may raise our voice at each other and that is a communication issue, but pushing or shoving is abuse. Manipulating you into feeling like your thoughts or emotions is abuse.

These situations rarely get better and you’re better off calling it quits and trying to find a safe place.

You break up and get back together constantly? You can’t fix that.

If you’re constantly breaking up and getting back together every other week your relationship may require a complete overhaul to get back into shape. That being said, it may not even be the other person that’s the problem. It could be a combination of two people who just aren’t ready to make it work. Either way that emotional rollercoaster and constant doubt is not something you want to invest your time and energy into.

Unless one of you is willing to make a huge change the problems you keep butting your heads against aren’t going to be magically resolved.

Everyone has different boundaries but it’s up to us to learn what issues are the normal part of being in a relationship and which issues point to a much larger serious problem.

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