Two Relationships In One Week!

Two Relationships In One Week

Two amazing phone calls this week with clients asking us to put their membership on hold!


Relationship #1

Late-20’s female with an early 30’s male.

She was referred to us from Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker, whom we work with closely.

He was a client of another Matchmaking company in New York.

We used the power of being Certified Matchmakers to hunt down exactly what they we’re both looking for in each other.

Being Certified allows us to tap into a network not available to everyone.

Relationship #2

Late 50’s man with a late 40’s woman

He came to us from social media, we had tons of acquaintance in common.

She saw a social media post for an upcoming Charity fundraiser and contacted us about being in our database.

She says he is humorous and lively, he says she is sweet and ambitious. The perfect pair.  They have been exclusive since the night they met.

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