You have two more steps to complete your complimentary membership at Cinqe Matchmaking.

1. Please read our first date rules below, and

2. Sign our waiver, click here.




First in-person date tip:

  • Cinqe matchmakers typically set up the first date on our client’s behalf because calling/texting, in most cases, does not lead to meeting in person for the first time. Our firm cannot be punished for busy schedules if you elect to be connected to your matches without us scheduling the first in-person meeting. We want to clarify this; we do not recommend that our daters set up their in-person first date. Let us take care of that; we are here to make this process easy!


No Flake Policy:

  • We understand you are busy. Please let us know if you cannot make the date/call with your match. If you flake without letting us know, you will be removed from our systems.
  • If we communicate with you and you choose to disappear from us, we will remove you from our systems.


Phone Dates:

  • If you have a set call time with one of our premium clients, returning a telephone call or text within 15 minutes is important. Please alert us if you have not heard from your match; we will need to double-check the phone number.
  • Please do not get distracted on the call.
  • DO NOT be walking your dog.
  • DO NOT be driving.
  • DO NOT be doing dishes.
  • We spent a lot of time coordinating this call for you; please take the call seriously and respect the time they are taking to speak with you.
  • We encourage standing and smiling while you are talking, as it will make your vocal tone sound warmer!




Video Dates:

  • Make sure to have a well-lit area to video call in.
  • Let your matchmaker know if you need a zoom link and a training session.



Video & Phone Dates:

Do not talk for hours. It is highly recommended to keep the chat 20-30 minutes and let your match know you would like to meet in person.

Men First Date Tip: If you are setting up your reservation after phone/video dates, please make sure to text her the night before the date with something similar to, “I am looking forward to meeting you tomorrow for dinner; I’ll be at the front waiting for you.” If you do not text her the night before, she might assume you forgot and will have made other plans.  



Restaurant reservations:

  • DUE TO COVID, restaurant reservations are typically 90 minutes, so don’t be late!
  • If this is the first date, you are required to only eat at restaurants where you can make a reservation.
  • DUE TO COVID, if you and your date are scheduling your own reservation, please discuss sitting indoors or outdoors.




  • It is your job to ensure your date knows about your comfort level regarding Covid.
  • If you are overly cautious about covid, you are required to have this in writing in your profile, AND you must send an additional email to your matchmaker outlining your concern. This cannot be a verbal request; it must be in writing.




  • If your matchmaker strongly recommends that you get new photos taken, please take her advice.
  • Please do not send photos of yourself before the meeting. If your date asks, please let us know and allow our team to send additional images.
  • Please do not ask your match for additional photos. If you need photos, please ask your matchmaker.



Social Media:

  • Do not ask to add your date on social media before the meeting.
  • If you found your date on social media, do not bring this up with them. This is a major turn-off. This is a huge red flag and your date will only see this as cause for concern (they see this as “stalking”).



Other things to consider for your first date:

  • Please dress classy.
  • Do not talk about matchmaking (do not ask your date about previous matches. Do not ask your date if our company has set them up before. This is highly inappropriate to ask someone on the first date.) Should they ask you about the service, please do not share it. Say, “great question, and I will be sure to tell you later once we know each other better.”
  • Do not talk about money on your first date. This means any projects you are working on, your hourly rate, how much you made on a recent deal (or did not make), or anything to do with money in regard to your work.
  • Please do not ask your date how much they paid for this service.
  • Please meet your match at the location.
  • Men with roommates. We polled our female audience, 90% find it a huge turn-off when men talk about their roommates. On a first date, PLEASE do not talk about your roommates.
  • For those who have not dated in a while, please do not lead with this on a first date. The other party will only see this as a cause for concern. Please ask your matchmaker about assistance going on practice dates before going on a date with our client.
  • Be prepared with fun questions should the conversation begin to slow here.
  • Do not talk about your ex (No matter how comfortable you feel. Please pivot immediately when the conversation goes in that direction (cause it always does!). Say something like, “Well, anywho, it’s a long story, and I can share more next time.”
  • Please be positive; no complaining about life.
  • Please do not check your phone in front of your date.



  • You are not going to be financially compensated to go on this date.
  • You are not being reimbursed for your expenses.
  • You expressly consent and agree that you are being introduced because you genuinely seek a long-term romantic partner.
  • You are not to ask your date for:
            • money,
            • housing,
            • credit cards,
            • to buy your services,
            • to pitch your services,
            • ask your date to buy a home from you or for you,
            • a vehicle.


The great date that did not lead to a second date

  • Just because your match is polite to you on the date, this does not mean they are interested in you romantically long-term. It means she/he was raised right. Please do not become upset because you had a great first date that did not lead to a second date.
  • Furthermore, just because your date lasted many hours (even ending in a kiss) does not mean you will be getting a second date. Unfortunately, people can change their minds and that is OK.
  • Women, please do not get your hair, and nails done, and/or pay for a tan if you are going to be upset because the first date did not lead to a second date.



  • Please do not talk about sex on a first date.
  • Please do not discuss sex with other women/men on a first date. This is a huge turn-off, and you will give your date the wrong impression.
  • We understand you may be attracted to your date, and the thought of getting physical has crossed your mind. Please do not get physical on your first few dates. You are still learning about who you are dating, and under no circumstances do we agree with getting physical during your first few dates.  You are an adult consenting to this physical activity, and we, the company, are not responsible for your actions.
  • Men, if you get physical with your date, she will assume you are exclusive. If you are not exclusive, this will only cause issues. If you get physical or attempt to get physical with her, you will be required to face the consequences if she assumes you are exclusive. DO NOT GET PHYSICAL IF YOU ARE NOT EXCLUSIVE.
  • Women, do not get physical with a man unless you are consenting, excited about the experience, and aware of the consequences if he is NOT exclusive with you. You will not blame the service for your consensual actions. If you are uncomfortable with getting physical, DO NOT GET PHYSICAL NO MATTER WHAT HE TELLS YOU.







  • You are required to give written feedback after your date/call.
  • If you do not wish to go on a second date with your match, please be polite to your match while on the date and alert your matchmaker within 24 hours after your date so we can inform them promptly.
  • You are NEVER required to go on a second date with your match. It is OK to pass on seeing your match again, for any reason!
  • Please do not call our staff after a date to give verbal feedback; your feedback is required to be in writing via email.
  • Please give written feedback within 24 hours after your date.
  • Your feedback can be as simple as, “We had a great time; we have already set up another date for Saturday.”  or you are welcome to complete all the questions in your feedback form. It is important that the speed of your written feedback is given.
  • Please give us honest feedback.
  • Your feedback is confidential.
  • If you want to be unmatched, your matchmaker will always unmatch you by sharing, “She did not feel it was the perfect match.” 
  • Your matchmaker is not your secretary. Please do not trick your matchmaker into talking to you so you can have her write your feedback for you.





Please do NOT review our services on any review websites, blogs, TV shows, video blogs, or any publications. We respect your privacy and the privacy of our members therefore we ask that you do not make any public review sharing the details of your dates.


Getting to the second date:

  • Your matchmaker does NOT set up your second date.
  • UAE Singles Only (dates in the Middle East): Your matchmaker DOES set up your second date. (this is the law)
  • Women: Men are clueless! Tell him what you need from the relationship.
  • Men: Please have the next date scheduled! Go for it!




Please let us know if communication has slowed and you no longer feel it is the perfect match. We would love to keep our files updated, and letting us know if you are no longer interested would be appreciated.



Updating your match requirements:

  • Please log in to your profile here to update your ideal match requirements at any time.
  • Once you complete a profile on our website, you immediately receive an email to log in. If you need that email to be resent, please ask your matchmaker.


Asking for a phone call:

  • We understand that you would like to have someone call you; however, we have limited access to our phone system, and the best way for our matchmakers to know what you are seeking in a match is by writing it out in your profile, which you can do here.
  • Your matchmaker is not your secretary. Please do not trick your matchmaker into talking to you so you can have her write your feedback for you.
  • If you are experiencing a safety issue, call and text your matchmaker immediately.




Contacting your matchmaker:

Your experience is important to us; please contact us anytime at [email protected].

If you have any questions or concerns relative to these guidelines, please do not hesitate to reach out to your matchmaker


Cinqe Matchmaking