Our firm has some of the world’s most elite singles, from San Francisco to New York, Dubai and all the top cities in between.

We’ve been receiving an increase in messages asking, “Can you tell me more?”

Here are the steps for joining:

1. Women join here, and Men join here. The first step is applying online.

2. You will receive an email immediately to update and edit your application.

3. Nobody has access to your application but our Matchmaking team. 

4. Receiving a complimentary membership is by invitation only and not guaranteed. 

5.  Our Matchmakers review every profile and take into account your deal breakers.

6. If you are a fit for our typical paying clients, we will email you to set up a time to be vetted by our matchmakers.

Free memberships are by invitation only and are not guaranteed.

7. After we have met you, we will send you a full profile of a possible match and explain why we think you two are a good fit.

8. If you agree to be introduced, we will send your profile to that match.

9. This will be the first time they will see your information. We do not share any of your information without prior consent.

10. Please understand that this does not always guarantee a date. Your potential match will need to accept the date as well.

11. When they accept, we will contact you again to let you know the details of the date.

12. Your matchmaker will set up the date.

13. You will meet your date for dinner or a drink (non-alcoholic is OK).

14.  Have fun!

15. You will give us feedback after the date.

16. We will use your feedback to fine-tune your next match.