3 Things To Research Before Hiring A Matchmaker

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Similar to other meaningful investments, such as purchasing your first home, car, or investing in a business, it’s important that you take the time to do some research and figure out what avenue would be the best for you. There’s so much to consider: how much you want to invest, for how long, and in most cases, deciding on who the best person to hire to guide this investment for you would be. Choosing to work with a matchmaker requires its own research and, straight from the mouth of an established Matchmaker, here are three of the most important points you should ask prior to hiring a Matchmaker.



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1. Their Background:

Before you financially and emotionally invest in someone taking the reins of your romantic life, it’s essential that you know if your Matchmaker is officially certified. If they’ve taken the time to earn their certification odds are they treat their matching services as a serious career rather than a quick hobby. Additional questions to ask to get a good understanding of your Matchmaker are: Where do you find matches? and How large is your network? After answering these basic questions, this should filter out who is committed to their passion of matchmaking and who just does it as a side gig.




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2. Their Social Network:

Successful matchmakers always are open to collaborating with fellow matchmakers. Think of hiring a Matchmaker as similar to hiring a real estate agent. When making a huge purchase like a home, you wouldn’t want your agent to only show you listings from their own database would you? You’d want them to have your best interest in mind, which means having the extensive network of being able to connect with other agents who have what you’re looking for. Ask your Matchmaker how connected they are to others in the industry and see if they are willing to go above and beyond to find you the best person for you. Credibility is also key: if they try and sell you with all talk about their social network, do the research yourself. Search their social media, read their website, see how many legal disputes they’ve encountered, etc.




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3. All Else Fails, Google Them:

Tying in from my previous point, performing a thorough google search on an individual Matchmaker or matchmaking company works wonders. You’ll be able to gain an insight into others’ experiences with the company, how controversies (like lawsuits) were handled by them, and any other extra information that’s available. Cinqe has been established since 2011 and has never faced a legal issue with any of our clients because we choose our clients carefully. During your due diligence, please make sure to check to see if that service has any lawsuits. We work with those who not only we believe we’d be a suitable fit for, but individuals who are quality fits for us as well. You should always feel as comfortable as possible with your Matchmaker and they should be open to answering any questions or concerns you may have. If they’re apprehensive or secretive about a concern of yours, take that as a red flag.




Investing in your romantic life should not be a light-hearted decision. Take the time to get to know your Matchmaker, do some research on them, and address any questions or issues that you feel are important to ask. After all, your love life will be completely in their hands!