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Katy In Dallas Texas

Katy Clark visits the set of Texas Today .. 

Laura In Studio LIVE

Laura visits the set of Great Day Live .. 

Laura on WTOL Channel 11

Laura LIVE! She discusses dating and being single  … 

Annie Garmendia on 9&10 News

Annie on LIVE TV! She answers, “what is matchmaking”… 

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Katy Tapped On Live Podcast

Katy gets real with Tim Healy

katy on toddcast podcast

Katy Tapped On Live Podcast

Katy chats dating and being .. 

Laura Live on Fox 5

On a recent segment of Good Day DC live on FOX5, matchmaker Laura Jacobs provided singles..

Katy Clark smiling in blue, for good morning lalaland tv show

Good Morning LALA Land, featured Katy Clark. Elite Matchmaker in Los Angeles … 

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Laura Jacobs matchmaker miami smiling in black top

Everyone displays love in different ways and the process of falling …

Katy Clark matchmaker mentioned in yahoo, wearing shorts with black top and a big smile

… a genuine opportunity to build meaningful relationships,” Katy Clark, Lead Matchmaker at Cinqe Matchmaking, said … 

In the spirit of spooky szn, we’ve listed the different types of dating ghouls to be wary of with the help of The Dubai Matchmaker, Christiana Maxion.

10 unique holiday date ideas on the Peninsula ..

Deal-breakers may vary from person to person, but there are certain traits that are consistently cited as big turnoffs and cannot…

Katy Clark expert dating coach and matchmaker for boutique matchmaking firm Cinqe …

Do you ever feel like you’re not quite as charismatic as you’d like to be? It can be tough to know how to come across as confident and likable, especially..

Our matchmakers will only work with a handful of high-net-worth men each year, allowing us to have a high success rate … 

“Meeting a date for the first time is always exciting but intelligent preparedness is key,” says Laura Jacobs, professional matchmaker and dating expert.

Katy Clark on today

The leaves are falling, and the grass is awaiting its first blanket of snow. For many singles … 

This partnership creates the largest network in matchmaking together with Millionaire’s Club and Cinqe Matchmaking …

When I turned 30, and stepped back from my own modeling and acting pursuits, I found I had a lot of time on my hands to dive into this new industry. I got jobs with some of the best matchmaking firms…

Being a single mom of three small kids was exhausting and at times, very daunting. About a decade ago I started dating again … 

According to royal commentator Christiana Maxion, Harry and Meghan’s presence at the coronation may .. 

Couples moving in together are taking an exciting step in their relationship. However, a lot will change about your relationship…

Laura Jacob's for women health wearing white top and jeans

“Summer is a time for us to enjoy great weather and marvel in the beauty around us, instead of our mobile devices,” says Laura Jacobs ..

Annie Garmendia, a professional matchmaker can provide introductions without any swiping. Cinqe is an elite matchmaking firm..

It was a matchmaking business that stemmed from being a super-connector. I truly loved .. 

orange dress and headband, Dubai matchmaker Christiana

Certified dating coach and professional matchmaker …. 

Dubai dating in black and white with logo

What’s important to know is that a first date is JUST a vibe-check to see if…

‘Don’t worry. I got it.’ And me and my vice president, Erica Arrechea, fixed him up.

Don’t promise them the moon and stars when you can’t even deliver on the sunset. You might .. 

[Annie Garemdnia] Vancouver’s thriving matchmaking scene provides singles with an alternative that can help cut through the noise …

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“Christiana has launched The Dubai Matchmaker, which is on a noble mission: to help singles in Dubai find …

“People think it’s a sexy job, when in actuality it’s not. It’s a brutal career path filled with uncomfortable conversations and..”

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“It is worth the investment if you are serious about finding a life partner,” says Erica Arrechea, cofounder and …

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While Cinqe is highly selective in its clientele, anyone is welcome to join its network for free…

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“Make that answer a yes or a no,” she advises. Beating around the bush increases the chances of heartache later on .. 

“Each year, the Newport Beach Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional ..”

To break out of this comfort zone means resolving to shift from an old, fearful mindset to the new — to face what scares you head .. 

Erica Arrechea press mention, dressed in red dress

“Sitting across from one another creates distance while sitting next to one another helps create more …

“He was my one-night stand. And I wish it had stayed that way..”