How do you know you are hiring a great Matchmaking Service?

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What specifically separates an elite matchmaker from a sub-par matchmaker? One of the immediate points that may come to mind is the amount of experience. While both may possess an impressive amount of time in the dating industry, there are a few distinct characteristics that distinguish the notable from the acceptable.

1. They’re Not Passive

As a matchmaker, you gotta know that there’s going to be more than a few awkward conversations you’ll have to endure with your clients. It’s inevitable. To be able to console and appropriately counsel your clients about their dating lives, you’ll need to personally be confident, secure, and unafraid to say all that needs to be said, despite whether it’s what your client wants to hear or not.

2. Knowledgeable About Their Industry

This is a no-brainer. A successful matchmaker must always remain in the loop and educate themselves on emerging dating trends, statistics, new dating spots, etc so they can have the best information to lead their clients. “Is it better to call or text after dates?” “How is modern dating different from dating 10 years ago?” These are just a few key questions that an educated matchmaker should undoubtedly know the answers to.

3. Massive Network & Extreme Social Butterfly

From the perspective of a client, wouldn’t you be more likely to trust and invest in a matchmaker whose network comfortably extends to not only your demographic but includes the type of partner you’re seeking? Of course, you would. An efficient matchmaker is a known face and personality within their network. They know close to everything there is to know about those who share their social circles. You know a client is on the right track when they give a rundown of what they’re looking for romantically and potential matches immediately spring to the matchmaker’s mind.

4. They Have A Sales Background

Similarly to every business out there, selling is essential in the dating industry. As matchmakers, we sell our clients to their ideal match and vice versa. Your perfect partner is not going to check off everything on your list, so it’s essential that you understand why we match you with someone who isn’t your 100%. Love doesn’t happen as easily as making sure your date meets all your criteria. Trust us, we know what you want and exactly how to lead you to relationship happiness.

5. They’re People Of Their Word

There are few things worse than investing in a service only to not receive the result you were promised. No company is perfect, however, with the endless competition within the matchmaking business, you want to come fairly close. Your clients should read through your LinkedIn, website, and social media profiles and have zero doubt that you’re professional, educated, and can deliver genuine results for them.