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From Malibu to Beverly Hills, Los Angeles is filled with accomplished and thriving singles. But finding those high-quality, top-tier individuals on your own isn’t easy, especially when you’re busy running a successful career. 

Dating in Los Angeles can be hard for most singles. A lot of Los Angeles is not walkable, it gets a bad wrap for being superficial, and everyone is on dating apps so nobody wants to connect IRL. You walk into a Los Angeles coffee shop, and everyone is on their cell phones. You can hardly get a smile these days!

But not to worry, that’s where Cinqe Los Angeles Matchmaking steps in.

Cinqe is considered the best matchmaking service in Los Angeles. We work by your side to help you find the perfect partner. Whether you enjoy dining out or spending time on the golf course, our certified and experienced matchmakers know what it takes to find the ideal person for you.

We believe in fostering relationships, not just one-time dates. Thus, we have a variety of services and packages available, from date coaching and image consulting to our old-fashioned matchmaking services. We also understand that our client’s privacy is of the utmost importance, which is why we take rigorous measures to protect your privacy.

At Cinqe, we will match you with genuine, quality singles who are ready for a relationship. To learn more about our high-end Los Angeles matchmaking services, fill out the form below.


top high-end matchmaking site


Katy Clark is one of the top dating coaches and matchmakers in the world. With decades of experience in helping singles find love, she is a trusted expert in relationships and dating.

At the core of Katy’s success is her deep understanding of human psychology. Through extensive research and personal experience, she has developed a set of expert-level dating strategies that are proven to help people find love. Whether you are looking for dating advice or searching for a compatible match, Katy can help guide you down the path to finding true happiness and connection.

Whether you are looking for casual dating tips or strategic advice on how to approach your crush, you can turn to Katy for support and guidance every step of the way. With her guidance, you will be able to put your best foot forward in all aspects of dating, from flirting with confidence to crafting thoughtful messages that get a response. So if you’re ready to start dating like a pro, look no further than Katy Clark.

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top high-end matchmaking site

3 Things To Research Before Hiring A Matchmaker

Similar to other meaningful investments, such as purchasing your first home, car, or investing in a business, it’s important that you take the time to do some research and figure out what avenue would be the best for you. There’s so much to consider: how much you want to invest, for how long, and in...
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top high-end matchmaking site

Why Is It Important To Work With A Certified Matchmaker?

When you work with a Certified Matchmaker you work with someone that is: State Certified: The Matchmaking Institute is the only school in the world authorized to issue a certification in matchmaking. The institute is licensed by the New York Department of Education and has an approved curriculum. Well Trained: Perspective matchmakers in the program are required...
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Jewish Singles in Los Angeles and Orange County Needed

Single Women Living in Canada For Our Ivy League Billionaire Tycoon

Are you a single woman, aged 26-40, living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada? Do you dream of starting a family and embarking on your own unique parenting journey? If so, then connecting with us at Cinqe could be the right next step for you. Our team is dedicated to pairing couples with compatible partners who...
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Do Any Of These Clients Sound Like A Match For You?

HAPPY 2021 new year! Do Any Of These single women or single men Sound Like A Match For You?

Dating in Orange County and Los Angeles [If any of these profiles sound like you would be a match, please apply at Cinqe.com/Join]   Below is a short list of a few new bachelors and bachelorette clients (we have many more). Could one of them be your match?:   49-year-old female TV producer, recognizable celebrity,...
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LA Matchmaker

[new clients for 2021] Matchmaking Service

Check out our list of new singles that were added this week! We are ALWAYS on the hunt for anyone 28-65-years-old, any religion/race who live in California. Apply Today xoxo Singles Mid 40’s Sexy Female Doctor, living in Beverly Hills. She’s a unique woman with a killer sense of humor and a warm loving personality. This multidimensional...
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top high-end matchmaking service

iDate Conference in Los Angeles: Reviewed by Andrea Miller, Our San Diego Based Matchmaker

We’re always on top of what’s happening in the dating industry, both online and offline. So we recently attended the idate conference in Los Angeles in which we saw some interesting things. ??Apps encouraging more offline with events and meet ups, others having your friends endorse you and others continuing the gamification route. All in...
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