Why Us

Cinqe high-end Matchmaking services makes selective dating easy
We are typically hired by:
  • Extremely successful individuals.
  • High-profile individuals who need a private and trusted service.
  • Singles who are seeking a very unique hard-to-find match (picky singles are our specialty).
  • Singles who need assistance post-divorce.
  • Introverted singles who are seeking confidence in dating.
  • Individuals who are exhausted with online dating.
  • Those who need to date casually to figure out what they are truly seeking in a match.
  • Professionals who are “too busy”.
  • Singles who want to cut out all the flakey daters and find “the one” already!
Our Huge Network

Our Team has a reach of over 60,000 people and growing.

Around-the-clock availability

Since 90% of our clients are business owners, being available during night hours and weekends is very much needed.

Our Team Members are Thought Leaders 

Our team members are thought leaders in the dating industry, which gives us a unique position to find singles easily. 


We’ve been in this industry since 2011 and make hundreds of new connections weekly. 


We have been officially certified, but we have also been trained, observed, and had our matchmaking abilities tested numerous times. 

Date Success
We’ve compiled a page here of some of our successful dates.