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Switzerland is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, delectable cuisine and as a destination for wealthy tourists around the world. While many of the wealthiest towns in Switzerland are known among those who work within finance or luxury industries, they may not be easily recognizable to outsiders. Switzerland’s richest canton (province) is Zurich, with Geneva ranking second. Zug and Schwyz follow behind in third and fourth places respectively. For those looking to meet new people and find the hottest singles around there are plenty of options too. The towns of Basel, Lausanne, Lugano and Zurich have some of the best bars and clubs in which to find love, while other popular destinations such as Bern, Lucerne and St. Moritz offer wonderful scenic views as well as a vibrant young atmosphere – perfect for a burgeoning romantic connection!

Zürich is considered to be the economic epicentre of Switzerland, with a wealth of excellent career opportunities that draw people from all over the world. This makes Zürich one of the most diverse cities in the country, yet it can also make dating difficult. Zürchers come from many different cultures and backgrounds, so making connections can be challenging when you don’t know how best to interact with someone who has a different life experience. Furthermore, Zürchers often stay late at work which leaves little time for socialising or meeting new people outside of the workplace. As such, many Zürchers find themselves struggling to form meaningful connections with others, resulting in challenges for those looking for love.

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Living in Switzerland can be challenging if you’re looking to meet new people and find relationships. Sure, there are some local dating apps and plenty of bars, but in a large country like Switzerland, it can be difficult to know where to start or how to find the right person for you. That’s why hiring a matchmaking service like Cinqe can be invaluable – their team of experts will work with you to understand your goals and preferences for dating, so that they can make the best matches for you and introduce you to potential partners quickly, efficiently, and in the safest way possible. With an experienced team who understands the complexities of dating today, Cinqe is your perfect matchmaker if you’re living in Switzerland.



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