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Erica Arrechea

Denver matchmaker Erica Arrechea

Dating in Denver, Colorado, can be challenging for singles seeking long-term love in the mile-high city. 

Denver boasts the 10th largest downtown in America and is one of the most exciting and walkable towns. In addition, Denver has more than 200 parks within the city and 20,000 acres of parks in the nearby mountains, including spectacular Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater. So why is Denver a hard place to find love? Denver, Colorado’s active culture can be seen as part of the problem since most singles hike a fourteener on the weekends. 

Are you looking for ideas on where to find your next date?

The Mile High City has events that are year-round, and they highlight music, art, and various holidays. Heading to Larimer Square for some of these events will be a great location to meet singles IRL. 

The Arts District on Santa Fe is also another fantastic opportunity to find local Denver singles. 

The first Friday of every month allows city-goers to walk through the streets, look through art exhibits, and eat delicious food from various food trucks. 

Last, Denver is an amazing place for great coffee. Be sure to check out this list of amazing coffee shops in the area. Don’t forget to smile at a potential. Maybe ask someone you find attractive for the wifi code or a recommendation for a coffee drink. Get creative! 

If you are single and living near Denver, join our free database at Cinqe.com/Join. However, if you are more serious about finding love, consider contacting our Denver-based matchmaker Erica Arrechea to learn how hiring Cinqe Matchmaking could be a fit for you. 

Mrs. Arrechea currently lives with her husband and daughter in Denver, Colorado. She is the Founder of Cinqe Matchmaking Services, an avid biker, and a lead matchmaker. She started Cinqe in 2010 in Orange County, California, and has since grown into a small team with offices worldwide. 

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