Erica Arrechea

Erica Arrechea

Co-Founder & Lead Matchmaker

Why Matchmaking?

“I’ve always been intuitive and passionate about bringing people together.”

Small Town Girl

Erica grew up in a suburb outside of San Francisco, went to college in San Diego, and settled in the heart of Los Angeles in 2008. She was inspired to start building a company with an innate desire to connect singles.

She founded Cinqe Matchmaking services in 2011, and we currently have one of the largest databases of elite singles from the United States and Canada. We’ve made marriages and relationships for our singles that range from members who are C-level executives, doctors, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. 

She splits her time between California and Colorado with her husband and their child. 


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More Reasons to Work With Cinqe:

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I’ve always played relationship therapist to friends and family (which I love) and I have a niche for reading people and understanding what they’re seeking in a romantic relationship. A few other ways I’m qualified:

  • My Experience

Through my own self-reflections within my own dating life I was able to research ways and tools about relationships. During that discovery, I became knowledgeable enough to confidently guide others through their dating experiences.

  • My Network

With my connecting skills, my network is continuously enlarging all day, everyday. My personal network, along with my team, is comprised of over 30 thousand people and counting. Through meeting other certified matchmakers, speakers, and those in similar industries, I’m a part of a wide-ranging network made up of top-quality people.

  • Certifications

In addition to having been certified through the Matchmaking Institute, I’ve been personally trained by those most superior in this industry including Patti Stanger.

We Are Professional Certified Matchmakers

We have been officially certified by the Matchmaking Institute and have additionally been trained by renowned matchmaker Patti Stanger. When working with a licensed, certified matchmaker, you’re entrusting your dating life into our hands. Here are a few reasons why working with a certified matchmaker is one of the best decisions you can make:
  • We’re Worthy Of Your Trust
    • All of your information and conversations with us are 100% confidential. We are not anything like online dating, your information is all offline.
  • Connected To Other Networks
    • When we became certified, we immediately gained access to an immense social whirlpool filled with people all around the world.
  • Thoroughly Trained
    • There is only one official Matchmaking school in the world that is authorized to certify potential matchmakers and that is the Matchmaking Institute. We have to undergo professional, very detailed training in the following categories in order to be given formal certification:
      • Business Building
      • Customer Service
      • Ethics
      • Networking
        • Including the best ways to guide clients into healthy, positive relationships.
  • We’re Held To High Standards
    • When you decide to become a certified matchmaker, you are held to a high moral standard and an oath. There is a tight code in which we all have to be held accountable. Likewise with any professional industry, potential for conflict is a possibility and we each must remain fully committed to the Institute’s standards so as to not taint our industry with unprofessionalism nor unsatisfactory behavior.

What Do They Actually Get With A Membership?

We offer two options within our services: You can join our network (you complete a free profile and you will only be contacted if we believe you would be a great match with one of our paying clients), or you can apply to become a paying client in which you will receive unlimited dating options and 24/7 assistant from our team.


I enjoy teaching my clients through stories and giving them the facts to write their love tales. Being in the business since 2012, I’ve heard and seen it all, and we are happy to give you examples of what others have done in similar situations. Then let you make the decision.

What Is The Deal With You And Patti Stanger?

I run Millionaire’s Club Matchmaking by Patti Stanger, seen on BravoTV.


  • Around the clock availability
    • 90% of our clients are business owners and being available during night hours and weekends is very much needed and appreciated by them.
  • Experience
    • I’ve been in this industry since 2012, and I make 100s of new connections every week. As a matchmaker, I belong to a huge chain of veteran matchmakers as well as relationship therapists and counselors whom I’ve worked with in the past and who have trained me in being able to answer those tough questions.
  • Reach
    • Combined, my team and I, have a reach of over 30k people and growing within our personal networks alone!
  • Certified
    • We take our matchmaking services very seriously and want to ensure that is understood by potential clients. Not only have we been officially certified, we have been trained, observed, and have had our matchmaking abilities put to the test numerous times.

What Does Cinqe Do?

Cinqe is an old-fashioned boutique matchmaking firm who will work side by side with you to achieve your relationship goals.

Where Is Your Office Located?

We operate our company remotely, as we set our meetings at locations that are easy to get to for all parties. We can accept clients who live anywhere in the world.

How Do You Work With Me?

Email us at [email protected] and/or completing our free private profile on our website.

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