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Danielle Victoriah Hahn-Bovet

Head of Partnerships & Matchmaker

Danielle grew up in a warm-hearted small city in Pennsylvania called Harmony. When she spread her wings and moved to Southern California, she emerged as a social butterfly with immense drive and passion to add more good to the world and who would never accept the word “no” as a final destination.

After earning her Associates in Business, Danielle ventured into entrepreneurship where she jumped headfirst into Investment Networking, primarily with women-led companies. “I really had no experience in business before I started working with these companies. It was terrifying, of course, but I knew I could connect well with people and just had to rely on myself to learn as I went along.” Danielle worked with an array of diverse and successful companies, which would later encourage her to begin her own business.

While continuing on with her investment opportunities, she started practicing self-care by working with a premiere essential oils company and practicing yoga.

One day, a friend asked a question that would change her life: “If you could do anything in the world, what would you do?” Her answer? “Help people find their missing piece. I’d be a matchmaker.” Combining her experience in business and her gift of connecting, in the blink of an eye, Danielle had not only gotten her first client, she had also laid down the foundation for her matchmaking career.

“I’ve always been a very natural connector and loved introducing people I knew to others within my social circle. My network was full of attractive, funny, single professionals who were just struggling to meet people. I typically jump full-force into things and after taking on my first client, I decided to professionally begin matching people and have never looked back.”

When she’s not helping others to fall head over heels, you can bet that this witty, vivacious, and highly-determined personality is looking for ways to better herself and, in turn, better the world around her. Whether it be spending quality time in parks enjoying nature or inspiring women to pursue their own passions, Danielle’s energy for life is contagious. “I’m all about women supporting other women in all ways, including professionally. There are so many talented, creative, and business-smart females out there and I’m thankful to be part of a team that fully supports them.”

As Head of Partnerships for Cinqe Matchmaking, Danielle plays an essential role in making sure the company has strong relationships with other businesses and organizations. She works tirelessly to identify new partnership opportunities that can help expand Cinqe’s reach and improve the matchmaking experience for clients. With her exceptional communication skills and a keen eye for collaboration, Danielle has helped drive Cinqe’s success and elevate its reputation in the industry. Her dedication to fostering partnerships highlights the value of teamwork and sets an example for Cinqe’s staff to follow. Join her network here

Danielle is married and lives in Southern California with her husband and daughter.

Danielle Hahn Bovet matchmaker