HAPPY 2021 new year! Do Any Of These single women or single men Sound Like A Match For You?

Do Any Of These Clients Sound Like A Match For You?

Dating in Orange County and Los Angeles [If any of these profiles sound like you would be a match, please apply at Cinqe.com/Join]


Below is a short list of a few new bachelors and bachelorette clients (we have many more). Could one of them be your match?:


  • 49-year-old female TV producer, recognizable celebrity, Los Angeles living, tall, sexy and ambitious -55-year-old female partner in a law firm, sexy brunette, great cook, thin, grown children, will date up to 70 years old.
  • 55 years old female partner in a law firm, sexy brunette, great cook, thin, grown children, will date up to 70-years-old.
  • 41-year-old male tech entrepreneur, seeking women 30-40 under 5’6”
  • 61-year-old male finance owner, 6’3”, massive personality, family oriented a must! He is looking for beautiful SoCal women 42-52-years-old ASAP! VIP
  • 30-year-old female multi-millionaire business mogul, seeking all over the US
  • 59-year-old Doctor, Corona Del Mar, 6’1”, looking for his soul-mate
  • 40-year-oldTherapist,  sexy, fun and smart as a whip! Looking for strong personality and a man who knows what he wants.
  • 48-year-old Law Firm Partner, kind and adventurous! Seeking OC living woman with grown kids
  • 48-year-old male surgeon, 5’9”, Beverly Hills living, recognizable celebrity, with kids, would like to have more children
This is just a short list of what we have.  We are ALWAYS on the hunt for anyone 28-65-year-old, any religion/race who live in California.

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