Disclaimer about booking paid consultations

• The Candidate has requested this Consultation call to evaluate the Company.
• The purpose of this Consultation call is to educate the Candidate on the Company’s process.
• Candidate understands this fee is being used to speak by phone with the Company’s advisors.
• Candidate agrees the use of these funds are solely for the time educating the Candidate and there is no promise the Company will introduce the Candidate to any member of the Company’s network should the Candidate decide to become, or stay, a non-paying passive free member in the database.
It is false to assume that while the Company is understanding the Candidate’s match requirements, therefore the Candidate is now a priority as a free passive member in the Company’s database. There is no guarantee the Company will be introducing the Candidate to the Company’s clients should the Candidate decide to become, or stay as, a passive free member in our network after the initial call.